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Super Mario Flash Levels

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Level Screenshots

  • Super Mario World
    Super Mario World
  • Luigi's Mansion
    Luigi's Mansion
  • Maze Cave
    Maze Cave
  • Koopa Hills
    Koopa Hills
  • Cliff Area
    Cliff Area
  • Koopa Castle
    Koopa Castle
  • Future 1-1
    Future 1-1
Super Mario World
Super Mario World

Concept Art

Please note that of concept art only started being drawn at the development of Large Lake (except for Cliff Area). However, concept art for the previous levels has still been drawn and shows what Michael Blackmore "Axew13" was thinking when he created the concept for those levels.

Many of these were drawn at school.

1. Super Mario World

"Monty Moles & Koopas"

2. Luigi's Mansion

"Luigi's Mansion Corridors"

3. Maze Cave

"Yoshi's Island Tunnels"/"Yoshi's Island Cave Levels"

4. Koopa Hills

"Koopa Hills"

6. Koopa Castle

"Castle Concept"

7. Future 1-1

"Factory Pipes"

8. Large Lake

"Urchin Level inspired by CHIPS CHALLENGE sorta"

9. Large Lake

"Coral Heights"

10. Large Lake

"Fish Avoidance Tunnels"

11. Goomba Land

"Goomba Land"

Currently just concept art. :(

"Mushroom Peaks"

Chat Box

Discuss Super Mario Flash in Markeyruiz97's official chat box.

Markeyruiz97 is a user on Pouetpu Games, and he makes Super Mario Flash levels.

However, it's a very bad chat. :(


World 1: Super Mario World

1-1: Super Mario World

1-2: Luigi's Mansion

1-3: Maze Cave

1-4: Koopa Hills

1-5: Koopa Castle

1-6: Cliff Area

1-7: Large Lake

1-8: Goomba Land

World 2: Mountainous Area

2-1: Rock Tunnels

2-2: Challenge Cave

2-3: Mega Mountain

2-4: Dark Desert

Level Facts

There was originally going to be a Boss 1 at the end of Koopa Castle, but I was planning to do that to all the castle levels, and thought it would be hated (remember the "I know what the Bowser fight is like" reviews on levels with Bowser in them).