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Welcome to the PMD: Kecleon Series Zone.

Here you will find the latest news on Pocket Monsters Mystery Dungeon: Kecleon Series, links to episodes and more.

Bad Team JAM

The episode coming next is called "Bad Team JAM".

Team JAM were a good Exploration Team when they saved the world not once, but twice, but began to get a bad name when they started stealing from Kecleons in dungeons. Raquaza comes and steals away Team JAM to give them the punishment they deserve...

This episode was published to YouTube on 20th April 2013.


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Available Languages:

English (United Kingdom) (All Episodes)

Future Languages:

We currently do not plan to translate the series. We'd have to re-animate the whole thing (we also have to do this for the 3D episodes). We cannot translate to Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional) due to a lack of language packs.


Here you will find a selection of free virtual PMD: Kecleon Series goods.

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Desktop Backgrounds

PMD: Kecleon Series desktop wallpapers can be found here. They might also make good cover photos.

PMD: Kecleon Series Wallpaper

Size: 1024x768

Type: PNG Image

This is my computer's screen resolution. Although there's that taskbar at the bottom so it will not fit the whole screen, it should do pretty well. This is a basic background. Made with MS Paint.

PMD: Kecleon Series Wallpaper (JPG)

Size: 1024x768

Type: JPEG Image

This is a JPEG version. It looks a little smoother, but to many it will look more bad-quality - which is why I have the Bitmap (which had to be made into a PNG due to Webs not accepting Bitmap Images).

PMD: Kecleon Series Wallpaper (Half-Size - JPEG)

Size: 512x384

Type: JPEG

I accidentally saved this as a JPEG.

This is for those with ridiculously small screen resolutions.


Windows Live Messenger, YouTube, etcetera... These are for anything with avatars. These are all 128x128 PNGs.

Michael the Skitty Avatar

My favourite font is used: Arial Narrow. Very fitting since Michael is me, Michael, in PMD2 EOD.

Jordan the Cyndaquil Avatar



Species: Skitty

Sex: Male

Position: Leader of Team JAM

Met: Beach

Somewhat impatient. Always there to give tips and comment if someone makes a mistake.


Species: Cyndaquil

Sex: Male

Position: Partner of Team JAM

Met: Wigglytuff's Guild Entrance

A curious guy who is often wary and advises the team to keep safe. He helps Michael in many ways, such as helping him get back up after being attacked and giving him instructions in one-on-one battles.

Michael Jr

Species: Delcatty (met: Skitty)

Sex: Male

Position: Member of Team JAM and Michael's Step-Son

Met: Happy Outlook

Michael Jr is curious and finds many things interested. As a cat Pokémon, he easily entertains himself. His name is "Michael Jr" instead of "Michael Jr." because "Michael Jr." exceeds the character limit of 10 characters.

Jordan Jr

Species: Quilava (met: Cyndaquil)

Sex: Male

Position: Member of Team JAM and Jordan's Step-Son

Met: Dark Crater

He is confident and likes to go on adventures. However, occasionally he does not feel brave. His name is "Jordan Jr" instead of "Jordan Jr." so it matches the format of Michael Jr's name.


Species: Horsea

Sex: Female

Position: Member of Team JAM

Met: Surrounded Sea

An energetic water girl who plays games like Baby's Treasure Boxes and is part of the team because she can use her signature move, Agility.


Species: Kecleon (Purple)

Sex: Male

Position: Member of Team JAM

Met: Concealed Ruins

Kecleon joined the team when Michael and friends were in Concealed Ruins trying to recruit one, which lead to success with this particular Kecleon. Naturally not liking his job and feeling up to the challenge, Kecleon even betrayed other shopkeeper Kecleons in Baby's Goodbye.

Quick Quiz

In the unused episode "Kecleon Evolves", which of the following items did Kecleon require to evolve?

A. Poké.

B. Cash Register.

C. Kill Michael Plans.

Sorry, but we are unable to accept answers to Quick Quizzes. They are just little questions to keep you occupied. You will not win a prize for answering correctly.

The Quick Quiz does not have a schedule for changing. It is changed every so often.


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