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PMD: Kecleon Series

PMD: Kecleon Series (Pocket Monsters Mystery Dungeon 2: Kecleon Series) is a series of animated videos using the sprites from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. It is based off Axew13's adventures and goals, regardless of whether they are future plans, present happenings or events in the past, in his Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game. The main character, Michael, is a Skitty. His partner's name is Jordan, and he is a Cyndaquil. Together, they are Team JAM (Team Jordan and Michael).

Team JAM:
Michael (Skitty) (M)
Jordan (Cyndaquil) (M)
Michael Jr (Delcatty) (M)
Jordan Jr (Quilava) (M)
Baby (Horsea) (F)
Relicanth (Relicanth) (?)
Kecleon (Kecleon) (M)
Other characters:
YoshiKecleon978 (Empoleon) (M)
Baby's Mom (Seadra) (F)
Not appearing, or simply mentioned characters:
Chuck Norris (Sandile) (M)
Wigglytuff's Guild's members (-) (-)

Warning: This section may contain major plot or ending details.
1: Stealing from Kecleon
A slideshow Michael presents about what happens when one steals from a Kecleon.
2: Kecleon + Trawl Orb
Michael uses a Trawl Orb to steal Kecleon's goods. After pulling the entire shop to himself, he sings Kecleon to sleep and eats the Gummis he stole. The Kecleon dreams, wakes up, and kills him.
3: Revenge Against Kecleon
Using an old project of Michael's, abandoned since his death, Michael Jr absorbs an odd stone, becomes Golden Skitty, and destroys enemy Kecleons one-by-one in order to avenge Michael.
4: Michael Jr's Dreams 1
While Michael is gone, Michael Jr has some odd dreams... This dream is called "Murdering Magikarp". A Magikarp threatens Kecleons at a store with a gun, and gets away with all their goods. However, he is too weak to carry it all.
5: Michael Jr's Dreams 2
While Michael is gone, Michael Jr has some odd dreams... This dream is called "Mudkip Madness" and features eight Mudkips ganging up on a single Blue Gummi. What could it mean?
6: Michael Comes Back
Michael is brought back somehow, but he knows this is his last chance. They celebrate. It's worth noting how Michael Jr calls Michael "father" in the episode. Michael, however, is single, and is not related to Michael Jr.
7: Exploring Kecleon HQ
Michael, Jordan, Michael Jr and Jordan Jr find the Kecleons' HQ. At first, it appears to be abandoned. But they've got company. Hiding camoflauged in the corners are Kecleons getting ready for the kill. Jordan Jr evolves into a Quilava during the episode.
8: The Babychu
Team JAM, on their walk through some grassy plains, discover a lost baby Pikachu, and decide to take it home. Later, it is returned to its mother.
9: Days Out
Michael Jr evolves into a Delcatty at Luminous Spring, and Team JAM visit the cinema. They argue over what to watch, but in the end they choose a film about a Sandile called "Chuck Norris".
10: Kecleon Recruitment
Michael steals from Kecleon once again, and this time recruits a purple one!
11: A Kecleon's Life
Another of Michael's slideshow presentations, this time showing what a Kecleon's life is when they are not trying to murder Team JAM.
12: Music Video
A music video with clips of Team JAM's adventures to the "Kecleon National Anthem" song.
Unused: Glitchy Jirachi
The Glitchy Jirachi from the yet-to-be-launched meme is created by Michael Jr, who finds Jirachi after exploring a cave and wishes for glitches.
Unused: Kecleon Evolves
Kecleon evolves into an unnamed creature at Luminous Spring.
13: Baby's Treasure Boxes
Something Michael likes to do in his spare time: Go to a water dungeon and have Baby as the leader.
I will complete this part later. Everything up to the description of number 11 somehow got deleted, so I am not in the mood ATM.
14: Michael and the Lost Mask
Michael loses his Golden Mask to Kecleons, but then a stranger Empoleon called "YoshiKecleon978" (based off the one in real life, who really did help Michael get his mask back) visits their home and Michael is able to get his Golden Mask back easily. On to the Beach Cave!
15: Baby's Fight
Baby thinks she is insulted and feels left out, so she goes to fight the Kecleons alone. However, she fails and Michael has to come and rescue her.
16: Baby's Goodbye
Team JAM get a letter apparently from Baby's parents, but actually from the Kecleons. The letter told Baby to return home, where Team JAM would fall into the trap as the enemy had Baby's family trapped underwater. In the end, the team defeats them and they return home with Baby still with them.
This episode introduces credits at the end.

  • In Michael Comes Back, at the end when Michael Jr and Michael are watching the stars, a Tepig constellation is seen. This is a hint to how fifth generation Pokémon, using custom sprites, are likely to appear in the future.
  • The Sandile called Chuck Norris is a reference to giancarloparimango11's Pokémon Black Let's Play, where he calls a Sandile he catches "Chuck".
  • YoshiKecleon actually helped Michael with this, and is a real person. His name comes from his YouTube channel. Axew13 relies on him for a lot and he is featured as a friend.

Featured Facts

Did you know...

That YoshiKecleon978 was Axew13's first subscriber?

Did you know...

That most of Axew13's original subscribers subscribed to him because of PMD: Kecleon Series?

Did you know...

That Stealing from Kecleon is one of Axew13's most-viewed videos? It is also however one of his most disliked videos, likely due to people expecting real gameplay.