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Thanks to Yoshi's Moon for some of the games. Seriously, go visit them if you're a Yoshi fan.

Super Mario Flash

This is an Adobe Flash game hosted by Pouetpu Games. It plays like the Super Mario Bros. series and has a level editor where you can create your own levels and share them!

Super Mario Flash 2

The sequel to Super Mario Flash. Now based off the Super Mario World series, it has an improved level editor and new levels.

Pimp Out Yoshi!

Dress up Yoshi. Anyone who's feeling creative will enjoy this little game and have fun mixing and matching Yoshi's clothes to pimp him out.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Puzzle

Updating your anti-virus, loading a game or just plain bored? You can put together this little puzzle to pass the time.

Yoshi Egg Launch

An angry birds style game where Yoshi has to fire Yoshi Eggs and knock down blocks.

Mario Cart

It's Super Mario Kart, but with a difference. Mario characters are racing at high speed, and they're racing in shopping trolleys!

Super Sonic Motorbike 3

I don't know why Sonic needs a motorbike, but he is riding a motorbike in this game. Use ↑ to move forwards, ↓ to reverse and ← and → to flip forwards and backwards.

Sonic Rolling Ball

You control the world and its obstacles. Sonic is in a bubble and is lost, so you'll need to use this power to get Sonic to Tails!

Sonic Gem Collector

When Sonic can't get to the Emerald, you must get the Emerald to Sonic. This game is somewhat similar to Sonic Rolling Ball.

Mario N Sonic

Mario N Sonic is a game featuring Mario n' Sonic together trying to save the world. They have to get to their destinations by collecting keys in this little puzzle game. However, you control both Mario and Sonic at the same time, Sonic's movement being inverted.

Sonic Spin Bowl

It's bowling, except they put Sonic in it.

Name that Pokemon

The shadows of random Pokémon from the first series will be displayed and you have to type in what they are. There's no text box, you just type.

There are more games to list. They will be added soon.

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