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Minecraft Map (Download)


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MinEscape™ is a game featuring you as a miner, who has abandoned their team's mine, and has been requested to return, the main reason being that the team accidentally left a precious gem inside the mine. You return to your mine to find it terrorized and crawling with monsters.
Find your way through the mine in over 20 levels of fast-paced gameplay along the storyline. Using LAN or Multiplayer servers, MinEscape™ has a Multiplayer mode, several settings and the ability to erase your data, change the difficulty and more!
As it is a very complicated map and developement has only recently started and will go somewhat slowly, MinEscape
currently does not have a planned release date and will take a long time to complete.

Zombie Factory: Work Shift

Minecraft Map (Download)


Refer to the trailer for details.

Minecraft Builds Update #1

Minecraft Map (Download)


Available in AxewShop

Download Axew13's Minecraft Builds™ world (seen in his Minecraft Builds™ series on YouTube).

Sorry, but we currently do not support purchase.

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