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Opens the game menu.

!g {button}

Game control command. A, B, X, Y, Start, Select, L, R, Up, Down, Left, Right, UpC, DownC, LeftC, RightC and Home.

!a {answer}

Answer command. For answering the bot's questions.


Start the bot. The bot must be in the chat as a regular user.

!lang {language}

Change the bot language. Some languages may require Google Translate. Format: or . Default: en:gb.


Stop the bot.

!pty {pty command}

Use party commands as a guest at the party.

!mpty {mpty command} {party}

Command a party you are moderator of.

!party {party command}

Control the party you own.


Cancel currently active commands.

!ignore {user id/registration name/name}

Ignore/unignore a user.

!friend {user id/registration name/name}

Friend/un-friend a user.

!vote {URL}

The bot will rate/review the Pouetpu-Games level linked to.

!goto {URL}

The bot will go to the URL given in another tab. Limited URLs.

!chat {name}

The bot will go to that chat. The name must be the name included in the URL.

!disable {user id/registration name/name}

Disable/undisable a user (to prevent them from commanding the bot or allow them to).

!ping {user id/registration name/name}

Sends the PM "Ping!" to that user.

!pm {user id/registration name} {message}

Send a personal message with the text entered to the selected user.

!pc {user id/registration name} {message}

Send a personal message with the text entered to the selected user.

!say {message}

Say the message.

!censor {word}

Censor/uncensor a word in grey.

!censor2 {word}

Censor/uncensor a word in purple.


The bot kicks itself out of the chat, returns and cannot speak for a certain amount of time.

!rape {user id/registration name} {reason}

Sends a message about raping the user, and kicks it if possible. 1 minute must be waited until that same user can be raped again.

!kick {user id/registration name} {reason}

Admin only. Kicks that user. Only certain users can use this.

!ban {user id/registration name} {hours} {reason}

Admin only. Bans that user. Only certain users can use this.

!apower {admin power}

Admin only. Uses powers for admins like kick all. Admin only. Brings up a menu if required. Only certain users can use this.

!name {name}

Change the bot's name.

!picture {id/URL}

Change the bot's picture.

!home {text}

Change the bot's homepage on xat.

!rank {user id/registration name} {rank}

Change the rank of a user. Admin only.


Links to the commands page.

!learn {term}

The bot searches its network for a result matching the term exactly.

!google {search term}

Googles the search term and responds with results.

!info {command}

Goes to the commands page and finds information for that command.

!youtube {search term}

Goes to YouTube and searches for the search term. Responds with results.

!translate {language1} {language2} {text}

Uses Google Translate to translate. Or Gizoogle is used if the second language is "dogg".


Open the command programming menu and use AXEBOT code to program a new command.


Turns Rulebot on/off.


Display the chat rules.

!clone {username/id/name}

Copy the home page, name and picture of the selected user.


The bot will leave the chat.

!magicbk {question}

The bot will randomly answer the question.

!me {action}

The bot will say that {your name} did the action you specified.


Specifies the time for AXEBOT, using the computer's time.

!sw {software action}

Execute an action within the software in use.

!software {"close"/software name}

The software use management command.


Grabs a random quote it has learned from xat users, along with its author username.


Get information on buying the bot.


Get a free one hour trial of this AXEBOT as your very own! Limited commands, changes reverted afterwards. Changes returned if you buy the bot within 7 days after the free trial. Only one trial per user.


- Michael Blackmore

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