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I couldn't fit this all in the level information... But I thought that there wasn't a limit thanks to SLF... Wait... Code-editing... Nah, don't want to. Read here.

No offense to Pouetpu!

If you get Game Over, please proceed to the Bad Ending before trying again! If you complete the level, read the Good Ending! And remember, for every death, one of your team dies (joke)!

Inside "[]" are the moods. The bold stuff is not part of the message. It is information on the person speaking. Italics are words that are to be said in long, sarcastic, pitch-changing, extended or serious ways. Underlined stuff is the person doing something, not a message. It's like *i died*, but it'd be I died.. Red text is to be shouted! And then there's music. And scenes.

Before Level

Pouetpu is in his house made up of few rooms - the kitchen and living room were in the same room, etcetera. Pouetpu was chopping vegetables in the little kitchen area. Axew13 was just in the living room, in a large-sized cage. No, he's not an Axew (though Tonic Hedgefox is Tonic the Hedgefox). It wasn't a long walk to the cage for Pouetpu - just his style. It was dark outside - and Pouetpu had all of the lights in his house except for a little lamp near Axew13's cage in the living room off. Axew13 wasn't sleeping. He didn't trust Pouetpu.

[Concerned] Axew13: Pouetpu... He got me... Save me... He got me, oh he got me... I have to make a few levels and bring back Markeyruiz97! This is no good. Oh no, he got me, he got me... Wait... Why am I-

[Normal] Pouetpu: Yes, Axew, why are you talking to yourself? 

[Brave] Axew13: Pouetpu.

[Happy] Pouetpu: Yes, Pouetpu... That's the name.

[Sad] Axew13: Pouetpu... Why must you be so... I dunno... Mean, sometimes?

[Fed Up] Pouetpu: Axew14... Don't create figths.

[Normal] Axew13: And when will you learn that it's fights, not figths? And I'm Axew13, not Axew14.

[Fed Up] Pouetpu: Don't make me destroy you now...!

[Fed Up] Axew13: Sits down in a compact position, facing away from Pouetpu. Sighs.

[Sad] Axew13: Pouetpu, I really hate you sometimes.

[Angry] Pouetpu: Creating figths!

[Angry] Pouetpu: Grabs a knife, and slowly walks towards Axew13's cage.

[Concerned] Axew13: Notices, gets up, turns to Pouetpu and backs away. Oh, um, hi Pouetpu... Um...

[Evil] Pouetpu: Axew13, I am not  afraid to kill you right now. I would be glad to.

[Normal] Pouetpu: Goes back to chopping vegetables. If only you would stop trying to destroy my site, Axew...

[Sad] Axew13: Sits down. All I've ever tried to do is help with things... I've never tried to destroy your site.

[Sad] Axew13: Same thing happened with NoobiCraft server that happened with Rocky_990-

[Normal] Pouetpu: Silence! I don't want to hear.

[Normal] Axew13: Stands up. But-

[Normal] Pouetpu: Silence!

[Normal] Axew13: Sits down. Gets an idea. Stands up and rocks the cage. It's sure to hurt when I tip this thing over.

[Curious] Pouetpu: Hm...? Hears the noise and looks round. Axew! Stop! Now!

[Angry] Pouetpu: Picks up his knife and comes towards Axew13. Not stopping myself this time... Prepare... To. Die.


[Concerned] Axew13: Is cornered and again tries his best to stay on the other side of the cage.

[Evil] Pouetpu: Let's play... Tries to stab him from the other side.

[Normal] Axew13: Avoids it. Hey, I can do this... Hopefully... Please... Someone rescue me...

Back at the site.

[Awkward] Tonic Hedgefox: Where is Axew13? He was supposed to be here five minutes ago!

[Awkward] Lord Apoplexy: It's not like him, such an impatient guy, to be late for the meeting to encourage Markey to return. We need him too - we need every user we can get!

[Normal] Rocky 990: He was banned, but surely he can still get here, right?

[Normal] Lord Apoplexy: Sure. He can just leave a message for Markey to read. He'll know it's honest if it's from us.

[Awkward] BrokenAce: Come to think of it, Pouetpu went offline at the same time... We even invited him, but we've got no response yet.

[Happy] JMuth561: Maybe he got lost?

[Awkward] BrokenAce: Muth, no need to be- agh, never mind...

A bird flies down to the Pouetpu-Gamers with a message, drops it in JMuth561's hand and leaves.

[Happy] JMuth561: For me? Opens it.

[Fed Up] JMuth561: Oh, it's about Axew. Hands it to Tonic Hedgefox.

[Happy] Tonic Hedgefox: Thanks, Muth!

[Normal] Tonic Hedgefox: ...

[Normal] Tonic Hedgefox: "While I was being taken by Pouetpu, a bird caught my eye. I got it to land on the cage and was able to send this mes"- wait what?! Hands the letter over to BrokenAce.

Everyone gathers together to have a look.

[Shocked] Lord Apoplexy & Tonic Hedgefox & BrokenAce & JMuth561 & Rocky 990 & Mushy: Whoa! We gotta go rescue him!

And they were off - they had to get him back in time for Markey's short hello so they could convince him to return to the site.

Notice: You'll be playing as Tonic Hedgefox for this one, 'cause you gotta run fast. You'll be followed by Lord Apoplexy, Rocky 990, BrokenAce, Mushy and JMuth561 in that order. Start playing now!

Bad Ending

[Evil] Pouetpu: I'm sure I'll get you this time... Any last words...

[Weak] Axew13: Out of breath. Hah... Hah... Never... Pouetpu... Just... Go... Die...

[Angry] Pouetpu: What?!

[Shocked] Axew13: Uh oh, why did I say that?! I didn't even think about that one!

The Pouetpu-Gamers on the rescue mission rushed to the scene where Pouetpu's house was just a few steps away, but it was too late. There was a death scream. Axew13 was dead.

[Concerned] Tonic Hedgefox: ...Axew.

[Concerned] BrokenAce: ...No.

[Concerned] Mushy: ...

[Concerned] Lord Apoplexy: ...No... It... Can't be.

[Concerned] Rocky 990: He had such a history... With me...

[Concerned] JMuth561: I am concerned for myself... This is the first time I've ever been concerned about Axew13 in my life...

[Sad] BrokenAce: No point in going after Pouetpu... We'd better go back.

Notice: You have failed.

Notice: Axew13 is dead. Pouetpu is victor.

Notice: The users of the site felt discouraged... And were unable to convince Markeyruiz97 to return to the site.

Notice: Markeyruiz97 left and was never seen again... Years and years later, he is still yet to return. Axew13 is dead. Pouetpu continued to make bad rules and everyone left the site.

Notice: Retry?

Good Ending

There were explosions. By bombing Pouetpu, the gang of rescuers destroyed him. They ran away to escape... Or was Pouetpu destroyed... There was a shadow in the smoke... He... Was... Ready... To kill.

[Shocked] Tonic Hedgefox: Quick guys, grab on!

Everyone grabbed on to Tonic, and he tried to run at sonic speed to escape. He was having a very slow start, despite how fast he was moving his legs - and slipping on solid ground.

[Weak] Tonic Hedgefox: Agh, Muth, you're... Heavy!

[Normal] JMuth561: You sure it's not Axew?!

[Normal] Axew13: Hey, JMuth561, I'm underweight!

[Weak] Tonic Hedgefox: Ah... Ha!

And Tonic finally got moving at a very very fast speed due to the momentum gained by his failed slow start.

[Normal] Tonic Hedgefox: Got it... Argh, but you guys are still damn heavy!

[Shocked] Axew13: Aah, I see Pouetpu!

Everyone looked back. Such movement caused Tonic to be pulled backwards. Sure enough, there he was.

[Shocked] JMuth561: Aah! Run like there's brussel sprouts invading earth, Tonic Hedgefox!

[Weak] Tonic Hedgefox: Argh, I would, but, you guys moved, and I can't... Come on, come on. He was slipping again, but then flew off with the momentum once more.

It started to rain.

[Weak] Tonic Hedgefox: Agh, you guys, I'm gonna slip!

Notice: Congratulations on completing this level! You deserve a gold medal! Look out for level 2-2!

2-2 Information

Name: Escape Pouetpu

Player: Tonic Hedgefox

Description: Run!


- Michael Blackmore

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