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No section for this stuff... Screw editing, I'll leave Webs until I think it's fixed, it'll probably be slow to be fixed... Maybe it's done... Don't want to look, I'll get angry probably if it's not. I may explain what PG is another time and maybe at another place... So let's begin.


Tonic Hedgefox

First person I encountered who hates Lord Eevee. So I became friends with him.


I believe his "lies" about the fake luigibonus. I support him in a way.


Lord Eevee

He tries to get out of situations with excuses. He rates too harshly for Pouetpu, is harsh to people, and rates low for personal reasons (source; 8power8 - his "theory" works).

H e l l o

He fake-rated me with only a suspicious warning, but I couldn't tell anyone so it annoyed me.


He hates me for some reason... He's not that LE fan boy who hates me because I hate LE. He hates LE. But he may be friends with luigibonus... Awkward.


Rates low on easy levels like Markey because he didn't enjoy them and hates me for no reason whatsoever.


A little shit, that's it. She can rate 8 and it's not a fake-rate, but if someone rates her levels 8 it's a fake-rate. Bitch.



I was one of the first to find him - nobody else was rating levels and I found him fake-rating new levels. :) Strangely, he's been acting good lately. Unfortunately, he was destroyed and (here's the main bad part) he may be H e l l o.

rocky 990

A misunderstanding between us caused my original ban on Pouetpu-Games. But we're friends now. He turned the tables.


- Michael Blackmore

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I messed the message up...

Don't care.


- Michael Blackmore

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