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About Axew13

Axew13 is a YouTube user posting videos of what he likes regularly. This includes Pokémon, Minecraft and some other games. Some things he believes need to become more popular, so he uploads videos of them sometimes. These include Insaniquarium Deluxe and Meteos. You can find out more about Axew13 on his YouTube channel.
He sometimes takes YouTube breaks or has slow upload rates.
Axew13 is british. He will, however, use Google Translate to translate his language to others' language and vice-versa when talking to foreign people.

About Site

Here you will find forums to talk and ask questions, encyclopedia pages on different series' of videos Axew13 owns plus other information, pages introducing you to projects and more.
If you are linked to a page containing information about something, you will most likely be taken to a page on this site.

Also, Webs is acting very messed up. Everything has to be done in a certain order or else it will delete everything you wrote in the wrong order and you'll have to start all over again. Top to bottom, no edits in the middle. It sucks.

This is not easy to understand. It's annoying, and there's a lot of bugs, but when you refresh the page, you keep your changes regardless of whether you saved or not.

Page Guide

Home ► The main page of the site. It has a bit of everything.
About ► About Axew13, his YouTube channel and this website.
Photos ► A collection of all the photos uploaded to the site.
Forums ► Make posts, ask questions and discuss topics. Go ahead and ask anything. Axew13 doesn't get offended easily.
Members ► You'll find all the registered members of Axew13.Webs.Com here.
SMF Levels ► A level dedicated to Axew13's Super Mario Flash and Super Mario Flash 2 levels. It contains concept art, planned level information and goodies.
PMD: Kecleon Series Info ► An outdated page with information about Pocket Monsters Mystery Dungeon 2: Kecleon Series. We are working on fixing this page.
Online Games ► A list of some of the online games that have Axew13's approval. Games that have to be paid for or downloaded are not listed here.
PMD KS Zone ► The Pocket Monsters Mystery Dungeon 2: Kecleon Series zone: A place where fans of the PMD KS video series can discover bonus material, as well as regular updates.
AxewShop ► A list of things Axew13 has uploaded to 4Shared for public download. Currently, there is no purchase function of the shop. Everything is free.
Blog ► News and site updates are found here.

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1. No Skypes. I don't do Skype. Don't ask to talk to me on it.
2. No Facebook. Don't have it, can't have it and don't want it. If you want to interact with me, get Google+ or Twitter.
3. I do not have any rules on YouTube or Google+. Swear, insult me, etcetera all you like. Wait - there is one rule: Do not advertise on my videos or posts unless given permission to do so.